Student Education Plan

What is an SEP?

  • An SEP is a Student Education Plan, and should be developed during the first semester at SBCC and maintained throughout enrollment at SBCC.
  • An SEP outlines a suggested course of study for the individual student based on major, transfer plans and sequence of courses.
  • Students are encouraged to update their plan each semester or when a change is made to their major, transfer institution or other pertinent objectives.
  • Meet with a Counselor to create an appropriate SEP.
An SEP may become invalid if changes occur to the following: educational goal (s), major, English and math eligibility results, catalog rights, availability of courses, availability of open seats at time of assigned registration date, time conflicts between required courses, prerequisite verifications, AP/IB exams, unit limitations due to academic and/or progress dismissal, external transcript evaluations, disclosure of previously unknown academic history and/or external transcripts, course substitution(s)/waiver(s), transfer institution curriculum changes, articulation changes, target transfer universities, target transfer timeline, open enrollment terms, UC Transfer Limits and senior standing.