Meet our Students


Meet Ruby!

Ruby Jia is a student from China who studies Psychology and is hoping to transfer to the University of California. She works on campus in the International Office and as a Math tutor. 

 I figured out my own learning style first, and then made and organized a plan according to my style.
Ruby Jia

Meet Astrid!

Astrid is a student from Sweden who studies Dance, Music, and Business at SBCC.

I fell in love with this campus the moment I set foot here.
Astrid Sjoberg Sidibe

Meet Antonio!

Antonio is a student from Brazil who is studying Psychology and Communication at SBCC.

College is much more than grades, and studying. There is a whole array of things going on in our lives, new experiences...
Antonio Monteiro Melo Filho

Meet Ruth!

Ruth is a student from Spain who is studying Film and TV Production.

SBCC brought me the opportunity to explore, because it lets you try out different things, to see what you like the best.
Ruth Zapico Mancebo


Meet Vanessa!

Vanessa is a student from Germany taking a semester to study abroad at SBCC.

The most important thing here for me is to figure out what I really want to become after one semester studying in SBCC
Vanessa Xun Xian To


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