Students in an SBCC Professional Development class.

Professional Development Studies

About Our Program

Today's worker is faced not only with ever-increasing technological challenges, but also with the need for applied instruction in a variety of skills, ranging from customer service to personal success issues such as time management. The Professional Development Studies Department houses short, topic- and performance-based workplace learning courses designed to help employers and employees succeed.

Program Student Learning Outcomes

Students will:

  1. Explain key workplace principles and practices and apply them in an organizational context.
  2. Define, analyze and solve workplace-related problems and issues.
  3. Demonstrate the skills and behaviors that organizational members need to contribute to effective and efficient organizations.
  4. Utilize best practices of workplace behavior to support the optimal operation of organizations.

Offices: Wake Campus
Jeanette Chian, Executive Director (805) 683-8289
Emma L. Cruz, Administrative Assistant, Wake Campus, (805) 683-8282

Faculty Susan Block (BC-208, ext. 2390)Jill Scala (BC-116, ext. 3793)